2D Encoder

The kit integrates X and Y axis omnidirectional wheel encoders with a conformable probe holder. The laser line feature assists with scanning alignment.


The 2D Encoder is compatible with EC, ECA, UT and PA probes on demand. The ready to go kit makes setup quick and easy. The compact design is an ideal solution for 2D corrosion mapping, particularly for inspections with access limitations.

2D Encoder - Corrosion mapping elbow
Standard Kit

1 - Protective case

2 - Probe*

3 - X encoding assembly

4 - Y encoding assembly

5 - Laser (X axis)

6 - Laser (Y axis)

7 - Conformable probe holder

8 - Umbilical

9 - Couplant Y connector*

10 - Instrument encoder plug

11 - Instrument probe plugs

12 - Couplant hose*

13 - Laser plug (USB)

14 - User manual

*Ultrasonic kits only

Our patent pending 2D Encoder is a versatile, compact and economical scanning solution which provides dual axis encoding functionality to a broad range of inspection probe types and sizes. 


The 2D Encoder is ideal for manual 2-D mapping applications with ferromagnetic or non-metallic materials with geometries including straight pipe, elbows and irregular curved surfaces.

  • High resolution X – Y axis encoding

  • Waterproof

  • Ready to go kit

  • Laser guidance lines

  • Universal probe clamp

  • Compatible with a wide range of flaw detectors

  • Operates over a large variation in geometry curvature


  • Encoder omnidirectional wheel diameter: 40mm

  • Encoder Resolution: 32.6 steps/mm (12 bits)

  • Environmental Sealing: Waterproof (not-submersible)

  • Umbilical Length: 2.5 m

  • Length x width x height (mm): 117 x 117 x 78


Datasheet downloads coming soon.