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AMS Design

Design is the first phase of the product development process and the first opportunity to present an effective and efficient robotic solution based on the agreed technical requirements, budget and timescales of our clients.

Our design engineers have a proven record of using 3D design and analysis software tools. By combining engineering principles, industry knowledge and a sound understanding of manufacturing processes, they design innovative robotic solutions tailored to specific problems.

The design process involves the 3D modeling of the infrastructure asset and our proposed mechanical solutions. This approach enables our clients to make informed decisions as to the financial viability and effectiveness of the proposed mechanical solutions before the prototyping process starts. In such way, we ensure a greater chance of success of the proposed solution and a strong case for R&D investment in new inspection tools.

AMS Design

Relying on our in-house manufacturing capability, we can deliver an undistorted and continuous service from design to final product. Hence, AMS’ high-quality standard is applied throughout the technology development which includes the design, the selection of materials, and manufacture techniques. To minimise lead time, we also work closely with industry-specific partners to ensure that a high-quality standard is maintained throughout the process.



  • Investigate the needs of end-users and customer specifications (technical information, timescale, budget)

  • Design mechanical concepts and solutions

  • Explore and test solutions with the use of 3D design, analysis and visualisation software


  • Repair warranty

  • Long & short terms maintenance agreements

AMS Electronic Assembly
  • Prototype of robotic inspection tools (e.g. scanners, crawlers, pigs etc )

  • Integrate NDT instrumentation

  • Delivery of the final product

  • Testing

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